Wireless - CareRing

What is CareRing?

CareRing has been designed and created with the needs of both caregivers and their loved ones in mind. Persons with cognitive disorders are at risk to wander and unknowingly find themselves in dangerous life threatening situations. Caregivers constantly stress and worry that their loved ones may wander and get into trouble. They also worry that they may not be able to quickly locate them should they go missing.

With the CareRing, caregivers are alerted in situations such as elopement, a possible fall, temperature extremes or tampering with the bracelet. The CareRing is pro-active, providing alerts to caregivers when problem situations arise. It is also reactive in emergencies, incorporating leading edge tracking and reporting technologies.

The CareRing employs a unique blend of Radio Frequency (RF), Cellular (Wireless) and GPS technologies providing real-time rapid location and situational alerts.  CareRing is the ideal product to provide peace of mind to caregivers, relieving caregiver stress. A CareRing combines simplicity in design, ease of use and wear-ability for daily living with the highest of engineering standards.

Carering Modes - Wireless