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Why CareRing?


When you look at all the products that are available to determine what you would buy, you will see that it is a very confusing task. Look at our Important Considerations when buying a Location/Sensing Device”. This will help you to prioritize what is important to you.

The most important thing to ensure in the event of an elopment is that your loved one is found quickly. You will want to have a lockable bracelet type device because pendants can be removed or purposely left behind. It needs to be lightweight and comfortable. Many products are big, bulky and uncomfortable and people do not want to wear them. At this point, the list of products to consider is substantially reduced. Remember, Elopment is not an “if” situation, it is a “when” situation.

Adding to that, if you want the best balance of functionality with long battery life, the list goes down considerably. Many devices won’t last 2 days before you need to charge them. Long battery life is a very important feature.

modes- tension

Also, if it is important for you that the device be waterproof (not just resistant to a splash) and can’t be forgotten or taken off, then you have less products to choose from other than CareRing.

Is your loved one subject to falling? If so you will want something with a fall sensor. Do you have a concern about the environmental temperature? If there is a concern about wandering outside the home unprepared in cold winter temperatures, then you need to choose CareRing.

All the alerts and alarms mean nothing if they are slow or never arrive at a caregiver’s cellphone. There needs to be as many caregivers that suits your family members and these caregivers need to be alerted in a priority sequence.

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 CareRing has SmartAlert for up to 5 caregivers. And the most important feature is that CareRing is the ONLY product that uses VHF (Rf) as well as GPS and Cell technologies to locate someone quickly. Cell and GPS is not always reliable and without the RF technology, you will delay the location process when someone is lost. CareRing uses the same technology as the Police, First Responders, and Search and Rescue organizations use all over the world. A person with CareRing has the best chance of being found quickly.

There is no other product like CareRing.
You can trust CareRing