Family in desperate search for missing loved one with dementia

More than half a million people in Canada live with dementia. About 60 percent of them will wander away at some point and possibly become lost — a life-threatening situation, especially during winter and in rural areas.

Some families are turning to high-tech solutions such as tracking phones and wristwatches, or shoe insoles with GPS, in order to keep tabs on relatives with dementia.

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We reaffirm our commitment to deliver a great product that will help families deal with the stresses and strains associated with cognitive disorders

See why your loved one should have CareRing 

Featuring the CareRing Family Model

  • Safety Zone
  • Home Mode
  • Away Mode
  • Search Mode
  • Cellular Wireless Services
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cellular LBS Location  (Nearest Cell Tower location if GPS not available)
  • VHF Tracking  (By Police and Search & Rescue if no GPS and Cellular signals)
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Bracelet Removal Alert
  • Online software for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

CareRing is simple to operate with just two buttons on the Base Station


What is  CareRing?

CareRing is a wireless wearable device that has been designed and created similarly with the needs of both caregivers and their loved ones in mind. Persons with cognitive disorders are at risk to wander and unknowingly find themselves in dangerous life threatening situations. Caregivers constantly stress and worry that their loved ones may wander and get into trouble. Certainly they also worry that they may not be able to quickly locate them should they go missing.

With CareRing, caregivers are alerted in situations such as elopement, a possible fall, temperature extremes or even more tampering with the bracelet. CareRing is pro-active, providing alerts to caregivers when problem situations arise. It is also reactive in emergencies, incorporating leading edge tracking and reporting technologies.

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Key features of CareRing


product description and Features

The goal of CareRing is simple…to give caregivers greater peace of mind, and greater independence, confidence and trust that their client is safe.

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Home Mode Safety
Zone Departure Alerts


Away Mode Reporting


Long Battery Life
2 Weeks


Waterproof IP 68
(Inductive Charging)


Removal Alert


Smart Phone and
Web Portal locator