Non-profits and other organizations provide services and information that help make a difference in our communities. We at CareRing recognize that non-profits engaged in providing services and information to the Alzheimer’s community are an essential part of the support systems that caregivers rely on as they look after their loved ones.

While our main focus is the development and sale of the CareRing system, we also feel that as a responsible organization we need to recognize the valuable contributions being made in our communities by non-profits supporting caregivers and families dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

As such, as part of every sale of a CareRing system, we at CareRing will pass along $20.00 USD to the non-profit or Support organization of your choice. When you proceed to order CareRing, simply identify the Organization of your choice with its name, address, telephone number and we will pass along the $20 at the time you complete your final payment and your order is shipped. The donation will be made in your name to your selected Non-Profit or Support Organization.

Not only will you have purchased a valuable CareRing system, but you will have contributed directly to the support of an organization providing essential services to the Alzheimer’s community.`

Current Non-Profits  & Support Organizations

If I Need Help

Ifineedhelp.org a 501(C) (3) Non-profit Organization (USA)
Help for our Loved Ones who may wander

Project Lifesaver International

Projectlifesaver.org a 501 (C) (3) Non-profit Organization
(USA) Bringing Loved Ones Home

Together In This

Together in Thishelps educate Alzheimer’s caregivers by providing
them with streamlined resources and easy to use tools.

We Rage We Weep Alzheimer Foundation

Easing the burden of caregiving – One family at a time
Registered Charity 80814 2277 RR0001 (Canada)

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