It is a matter of time…
It will happen, “Why wait for the elopement”

Family in desperate search for missing loved one with dementia

More than half a million people in Canada live with dementia. About 60 percent of them will wander away at some point and possibly become lost — a life-threatening situation, especially during winter and in rural areas.

Some families are turning to high-tech solutions such as tracking phones and wristwatches, or shoe insoles with GPS, in order to keep tabs on relatives with dementia.


Wandering can affect those who suffer from dementia and autism. Most caregivers in families will wait until a wandering or elopement event happens and then it may be too late. When caregivers were asked in a study, “What are things you would do differently?”, a unanimous response was, “I would have put on a tracking device as soon as we received the diagnosis.

Those diagnosed with some form of dementia can be very independent and the family members that become the caregivers have their lives changed forever. The stress starts to affect their daily lives and they need to have access to any tools and resources that will help to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Protection for their parent is paramount. Yet, they can’t be with their parent all the time and still have their own life. It is therefore a requirement to have a tracking bracelet that will alert the caregivers to a possible condition of danger.

There are many devices available for tracking but that may be all they do. Many devices require charging every night and are not waterproof. This in itself presents challenges to having trust that the device will work when needed.

It is important that the product is a bracelet that locks on the wrist. That means it needs to be lightweight and comfortable and, as previously mentioned, it should be put on as soon as possible after diagnosis so that it becomes a normal thing to wear.


Everything you need on
your wrist

CareRing is specifically designed to help provide the trust that there is something helping to provide protection and safety. CareRing allows you to set a variable Safety Zone around the Base Station.  If the person wanders out of the Safety Zone, CareRing sets off both an audible and visual alarm on the Base Station.

It also sends an email and text to the smartphones of the registered caregivers in a sequential manner until there is a response from a caregiver.

Unlike any other product, CareRing incorporates three redundant tracking technologies operating in concert. If the Safety Zone is breached and the wearer wanders into a poor cell or GPS area, CareRing also acts as a personal beacon that can be quickly located using standard equipment used by Police and Search and Rescue personnel.

They will tell you that the quicker you can find the person, the more chance you will have for a successful outcome. No one knows when a wandering event will happen, but you can be assured with high probability that it will happen and you want to make sure you are prepared to keep your loved one safe.